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Kepler Mobile is a project that aims to port the Kepler platform to several mobile devices. One of the main uses of this new platform is the development of web applications running on the devices, using the webserver Xavante.

The project comprises two subprojects: one of them focuses on the port for Windows Mobile and the other the port the the Symbian OS.


The beta versions of Kepler Mobile are available directly from their respective repositories on LuaForge.

The Windows Mobile version is also available as a separate project.


The source code for this project can be downloaded from the project page on LuaForge

Several third parties tools are needed to build the packages; namely:

For the Windows Mobile Version

For the Symbian Version


Kepler Mobile was designed and developed by Andre Carregal, Luís Santos, Maurício Bomfim, Alexandre César, Hisham Muhammed e Fábio Mascarenhas and is mantained by Luís Santos.

The Project was sponsored by Fabrica Digital, FINEP and SEBRAE.


For more information, contact us. Comments are very welcome!

The Kepler project discussion list is another way of getting in touch with the developers and users of the Kepler platform.

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